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The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowlede: but fools despise wisdom and instruction. Prov. 1:7 (King James Version)

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Thank you...

Thank you to everyone who attended the July 28th workshop. This weekend has been a truly blessed week for me. I was on vacation, had a birthday, attended a fabulous tea party with some wonderful friends and held a workshop. I'm so very thankful for such wonderful people in my life. Thank you Father for loving me with caring people in my life who love you just as much as I do.


Embrace the Lord Jesus 
Allow him to bless you...with beautiful people like you
Embrace the Lord Jesus 
To bless you
Embrace the Lord Jesus 
Because he loves you in truth
By...Teresa Grier

This is what I was inspired to write....may you be blessed always!


Yiyi said...

Dear Diva...I was inspire by you, quite a long ago. I have made a minibook, using one of your techniques. On your video you asked to be posted if someone uses the technique. So I am inviting you to look at my blog and see the manilla folder minibook I made, using your idea. I am in the process of uploading a video in YT. But it takes longer. S, please, bare with me as I complete the process. I am always inspire with your stuff. Thanks 4 ever for share!!! your amazing talent with the world!!

NickelNook said...

Thank you so much, dear Teresa! I appreciate your visit to my blog and your sweet comment! I hope you're having a happy day!...Nancy :o)