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The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowlede: but fools despise wisdom and instruction. Prov. 1:7 (King James Version)

Friday, June 1, 2012

Coloring digi images...

This video is my last design team project for Pro31Designs. It was for May.....I tried uploading it to youtube but was having trouble doing so. So I decided to post on my blog. Hope you find it helpful in some way. I hope to have up some new fun creative projects to share with you all as I create projects for up coming classes. Thank you to everyone who has stopped by and left comments on projects I've created. It has been such a journey being on a design team. The time, commitment to create for the dt has been fun. When family wanted my attention I was putting together projects to meet between work, kids and hubby. Up until this year....having time for family is important. My commitment is has to be to my father in heaven first, then family, then what ever else. I've learned through it all that no matter what you do enjoy doing what you love and weather someone else gives you credit for what you do know that it wasn't in vain. So thank you to all my followers who have shared my projects with others weather it be through media or just in conversation....sending me emails and comments.  I want to thank you. I really do appreciate it! We all have talents in our own way so embrace it and have fun being creative and enjoy doing it!
Oh, yeah although I'm not apart of the blog hop go check out Pro31Designs blog she's having a giveaway along with all the design team members as well. Not sure how long it's going on but go check her out. God bless!

Link to Hair coloring that I found to be helpful click here
The markers are from Pro31Designs
The African American digi image is from Robert Jackson 


NickelNook said...

Fun video! I love coloring but I don't have any markers. I use my Prismas and odorless mineral spirits.
It was lots of fun watching you do the hair. Those are adorable images!
I really like your card...very cool!
It was fun watching you work with Pro31 products. You must have a few around to use up yet, right? lol
I really love how you say your Father in Heaven comes first! Amen to that!...Nancy :o)